An Occasion for Grandeur

It’s almost winter again, so I want to share this shoot from The Swan House. Muted tones, blushing colors and seriously insane photography (Ben Vigil, I still cannot believe you put that dress underwater!). This is one of my favorite looks to create for seasonal brides. It really accentuates the wintery look by playing UP the fact we’re not always tan in January… (or ever, for some of us!).  This look works especially well for women with lighter complexions and darker hair like Madison.

your perfect foundation (in her case we used airbrush foundation)

pepto-pink matte blush

peachy pink eye shadow

espresso colored poweder eye liner

a few coats of super black mascara

classic pink cream lipstick with a touch of pearly lipstick in the center to break up all the matte-ness

It’s just a slight tweak in your makeup tricks to get this – (let your blush travel slightly further in all directions on your cheeks than you’re used to–just make sure to blend a LOT!  Also, don’t worry about that “crease” or “contour” color on your lids.  Just put one wash of your peach/pink shadow from lash line to crease (blend a lot) .   The depth will come at the lash line.  Really concentrate the espresso liner into the lashes and then smudge a bit.  This keeps the look soft and uncomplicated.

This year’s prediction – Blushes were all the rage this year… And if Vogue has anything to say about it we’ll likely be seeing more bold lips on the wedding scene this fall and winter season.   The never-out-of-style element however is creamy radiant skin.  This shoot’s look is most effective when you let your inner snow white out and skip the bronzers and shimmery makeup products.

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