5 Tips To Help You Pick a Legit Lash Studio

A perfectly applies set of lash extensions!

There’s no shortage of lash studios out there today amirite?  It seems like there’s one on just about every corner!  It would also appear that this service is now attainable by nearly every person out there.  But is this a good thing?

After being certified and working in the industry as a lash stylist for over 10 years, I can tell you that lash studios (and technicians) are NOT created equal, so PLEASE make sure you know exactly what you’re signing up for.  Any reputable business should have the following:

1.  Pricing that begins at LEAST at $150 for a full set of lashes.  Preferably above $200.  Anyone charging less than $150 is either just getting started (no shame there-but it should be clearly stated), doing sub-par work/working too fast, or they aren’t confident in their own worth as a business which to me, doesn’t instill a sense of trust.

2.  Solid before and after photos.

3.  Clear explanation of appointment preparations, the application process, after care, risks, etc.  

Extensions should be applied to only natural lash at a time.

4.  A clearly explained PLAN from the tech regarding what design they will apply and why.  There are LIMITS to what an individual client’s lashes can handle.  If you think having va-va-glam lashes is just a matter of a tech saying “yes”, then you’ve been fooled.  Don’t make me show you the aftermath of a lash stylist who clearly didn’t draw the line on what they would give their clients.  (Even thought I’ll probably show you in another post anyway because…WOW.)

5.  After care instructions that explicitly tell you to cleanse your lashes and eyes each and every day, at least once.  With soap.  If you haven’t been given thorough directions on cleaning, then shame on them.  The integrity of your natural lashes is being treated as an afterthought at best.  And also, GROSS.


Proper prep is so important with lash extensions!

Don’t be wood by price alone.  I may run a sweet special now and then, but my flagship lash services have stayed the same base price since I started as a lash stylist.  I worked hard to learn these skills, and have not wavered in my standards since getting trained and certified in 2008.

I will GLADLY answer any questions you have about lash extensions, whether you’re a client or not.  I’d love to hear from you!

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