Mrs. O says, “Do it up, Don Draper style”

If you have a girl-crush on Joan Holloway like most of the living population does, you have probably been inspired at one point or another to try your own Mad Men-esque makeup.  This era (late 1950’s) of makeup is actually refreshingly uncomplicated, but get ready ladies because it takes some big, ahem….”rocks” to draw on lips and eyebrows of this caliber.


Start with a nice medium to full, even coverage of foundation/concealer.  Make sure to put concealer over the lid as well.  I always use a lid primer (use this after your concealer). Powder.


Now, while there were definitely some luxuriously-lidded ladies in the 1950’s wearing peacock hued shadows (wink wink to you, Liz Taylor), for this example I’m going with the neutral lid a-la Ms. Holloway.



I want to point out Christina Hendrick’s regular makeup style (albeit a teeny smoky on the liner) to point out what a big departure this will be from what you are used to seeing and doing on yourself!




You don’t really have to wear any shadow.  (see above… green dress!)  But if you want a little something, choose a medium brown, semi-flat shadow and with a slightly fluffy crease brush run some color along your crease just until you see some dimension come through.


Eyeliner/lashes was the the main thing when it came to those sexy eyes!  I’d opt for gel liner applied with a small brush along the top lashes.  Don’t be afraid to go thick!  Thicker than you normally would and don’t forget to wing it out a little.  I personally don’t like the itsy bitsy “flick-like”wings, but rather a nice thick ramp up to the pointy end.  Like a wedge of sorts.  IF you’re up for strip lashes, then go for it.  Go traditional and basic.  You want to add a little length, but mainly thickness.  No trendy points, textures or wild styles.

Brows rule here.  Big, bold brows.  These will not look like they grew naturally out of your face–and that’s ok!  This is for fun and if you choose a realistic brow color it will look fabulous.  Thin brows were not the style here so keep them full, and really work your whole space from corner to corner.  I prefer powder for brows when doing something bold and retro like this.  It gives it just a touch of softness.



Cheeks should not be shimmery–pink, peach or raspberry… applied nice and full right on the cheek.

Lips–yay!  Red!  Orange-red and raspberry red speak so well to this era.  Make sure that you don’t draw your little dip in the top lip too sharp or pointy.  If you are comfortable overdrawing a tad then DO go for it.  I’m not a huge huge fan of lipliners overall, but glossy/stainy lips weren’t really the thing….so if a liner helps clean up the whole lip, then make it part of the plan.  I’d go full cream or even slightly matte…no shimmer.


Now mix yourself a martini and get your Getz on!

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