Mrs. O says, “Find your perfect foundation!”

Ready for the Cream de la Cream? Literally.

Hands down, this is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite products. It’s a standout in my opinion, checking off all your foundation must-have standards at once. Creamy?  Yes.  Radiant?  Affirmative. Customizable coverage?  Mm-hmmm.  Works for any age?  You bet.

And as all great relationships have a great love story behind them, I can’t help but share this one. Once upon a time, a bride brought her own foundation to our trial run. It was La Praire Caviar Foundation.




I’ll be honest–make-up professional and all–I had never tried it. All I knew was how over-the-top pricey the stuff was. We got started and I dabbed the typical size dollop of the cushiony foundation on my hand. Newsflash and surprise to me — I barely used half of it!


The second I started smoothing it out over her face, I knew it had no equal. Seriously guys, when you know, you know. For a radiant (almost dewy) foundation to stay put so well…  well, that’s what we call bliss.


Ahhh, there she is…like buttuh.  (Love this photo!).  And that’s just a dab.  A wee blip of Caviar.  I couldn’t NOT want in on this action!


So, let’s get right to the point. This magic potion is $195 a jar. Yikes! I know. I started my LPCF days with what I could grab in samples (Porcelain Blush to be exact). Hoarded them is an understatement. At one point I considered licking the jars clean rather than waste one tiny morsel of goodness.


It was time to buy my own. Brain-rattling at first, I admit (although you do get the concealer complimentary with purchase), but this is possibly the best two hundo I have ever spent on a cosmetic product. And when you’re thinking long term investment, I have to point out that I will be hard pressed to use the bottle up before the expiration date.


Let me say this–and I mean this with every ounce of all-knowingness I can muster–NO price is too high for the perfect foundation for YOUR face. More important than a great pair of jeans, if you find a foundation that makes you feel flawless and gorgeous every single time you use it, buy it. Repeatedly. Forever. Never look back and don’t worry about the price.  Consider this:  At 365 dabs a year, it only costs you 60 cents a day.


When you put it that way…..



Mrs. O


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