It’s no small coincidence that I haven’t posted a blog entry since FEBRUARY.  I can barely find time to buy milk and brush my own hair these days!  But instead of complaining, I’ll count my lucky stars that I’ve remained so busy doing what I love-It’s been an amazing year so far!   Having said that, I firmly believe in admitting one’s own weaknesses and not floundering because of pride-I need help!

I may have visions in my mind of this:

But I think we’re getting closer to this in reality:


So let’s get down to brass tacks-I need help in all areas of my world.  Makeup, home, admistrative, creative projects.  This is a part-time gig, and yes-it is paid (see below).  Some examples of things you will be doing:


.  Ordering/picking up products and supplies

.  Some social media management

.  Internet research for myriad work/personal projects

.  Creative design projects i.e. framing, stenciling, organization ideas

.  Personal errands i.e. picking up dry cleaning, oil change, post office

.  Assistance on jobs i.e. setting up work station, helping clean


I need someone who isn’t uncomfortable with this mix of responsibilities.  If the idea of ordering flea medication for my cats makes you cringe then this isn’t your dream job!  Seriously-the list of things that keeps me up at night is random with a capital “R”!  I’m looking for someone who can grasp my esthetic (both personal and in business branding) and apply it quickly.


I need someone who is craftier than me (Pinterest dreams really can come true, right?) and knows how to source materials for various creative projects.   Reliable transportation is a must!  I am presenting various options of compensation so that we can find an arrangement that best fits your needs.


.  $15.00/hour

.  Trade for eyelash extensions

.  Trade for makeup/hair services

.  Makeup/Hair training (for those aspiring to break into the “biz”)


If you are interested in this opportunity, please email me at with a brief introduction to who you are and why you think this job is a good fit for you!



Mrs. O








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