A Project Worth Fighting For

Creating this new website almost killed me.

Okay, no it didn’t.  But it was a long and winding (and bumpy) road!  And I wasn’t even the one who created it.  It’s been a 6 month process of starts and stops, finding lost photos, creating content, hiring and firing a doo-doo developer…and I’m sure things could have launched a bit earlier if I’d just had bigger bollocks. Because here’s the deal:

I have razor sharp instict,

that I’m super good at second-guessing.  Is the new color palette too feminine?  Is my head shot too bougie?  Can I actually do this blog thing?  It’s like I’m expecting the entire fate of the future of my business to be determined in the 5 minutes after going live.  Like I’m going to get 10 million visitors on my first day up, and they’re all going to think, “hm…I would have totally hired her for our vow renewal if it weren’t for that 3rd color in her logo.”   Or, “we here at Vogue magazine prefer a 2 photo-wide gallery view, so…”


So I’m gonna do like Susan Powter and Stop the Insanity! 

No more overthinking it!!  I am so proud of this new site.  It’s fresh, it’s current, and it’s me.  It’s confident, because I’M feeling confident.  I’m proud of the new color palette, the branding, the layout and the content.  I’m looking güd in that head shot, I feel strong in my talents and my commitment to my clients, and it has been worth every day and month in process, as well as every penny invested.


So take a look around, see what I’m all about, reach out if you want to look REAL GOOD for something coming up, and CHEERS to a very happy and adventurous 2017!


**A special shout-out to Micah Gilman of Say This Say That, who took over the development of the new site with urgency, skill, and excellent service.  I spent a TON of time searching for the perfect developer.  Now you don’t have to.

***Also, if you don’t know who Susan Powter is, please go look her up on youtube.  Another amazing product of the early 1990’s.  

2015 Beauty Bucket List: Lash Extensions!

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Assistant Position Has Been Filled!

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It’s no small coincidence that I haven’t posted a blog entry since FEBRUARY.  I can barely find time to buy milk and brush my own hair these days!  But instead of complaining, I’ll count my lucky stars that I’ve remained so busy doing what I love-It’s been an amazing year so far!   Having said

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*Barnsley sets up for Breast Cancer

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Mrs. O says, “Find your perfect foundation!”

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“GET A FULL SET OF LASH EXTENSIONS FOR $85!” …Sounds too good to be true, right? But who can pass up a deal like that? A much-coveted, luxury service available at a workin’ gal’s price? Sold.   Usually.   And, I’m not here to poo poo every smoking hot deal out there–even I pass on a (dare

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