First things first~

You are going to love the way you look, and we are going to get along swimmingly.

Now that that’s settled…

Welcome! I’m Raney O’Keefe, a makeup artist & hairstylist living in Atlanta, GA.  I moved here from my home in the Pacific Northwest in 2006 with a diploma in makeup artistry from The Blanche MacDonald Centre for Applied Design in Vancouver, BC.  My 20-ish years previous were spent ensconced in the theatre world.  (Yep-big, fat, wonderful, cheesy musicals!).

I spend a tremendous amount of my time traveling the world (most often with my amazing adventuresome husband) and this experience bleeds deeply into my approach as an artist, as well as a service provider.  I definitely discover really cool products and regimens that are authentic to certain areas that I travel to.  But extensive travel has also really sharpened my ability to pay attention with all my senses.  So I listen better, look more closely, try harder, and have more curiosity and tolerance for diversity.  My eyes and ears and heart are open wide.  And that’s something I bring back home to my work, and to you.

Gorgeous flawless skin is always the platform from which all of my makeup work is built.  No makeup trend in the world can trump a luminous, clean and polished complexion right?  That’s where we start.  Other than that, the prevailing theme to my work?  That rules are for the birds.  If you are inspired, then I’m on board.  And we’re going to hit it out of the park.