Mrs. O says, “Orange you glad to see me?”

Orange lipstick is the bomb-diggity if you ask me. Lots of people are scared of it. And I suppose that’s fair, since it shares the spotlight with the likes of  construction cones and crossing guards.   So, I’m determined to show how any skin tone, ANY hair color (eyeballing YOU, red heads), ALL ages and any personality (no-you don’t have to be Cyndi) can rock an orange lip.

Ride the fence by keeping the rest of your makeup simple. I tend to think non-sparkly orange is best… as in shiny is alright, but not glittery. And you don’t have to wear black or white… I have no rules about what color clothing you need to wear with your lipstick color. Go Blue!  Go Red!

I scrounged up some shining examples of ladies out there showing off their sweet, Vitamin-C inspired smooches. What do you guys think?



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