Mrs. O says, “Put the sexy back in your buns!”

That is… unless your buns have always been that way!

Personally, I think the messy bun thing is really cute, really sexy and if i’m going to be totally honest–a lazy girl’s best fall back look.

There are millions of ways to wear it–depending on what kinda kinks you have on your head… and how much determination and motivation you have in the mirror every morning. Here’s my cheat sheet:

Got loads of hair? Show off all that texture and volume! Stop right when you have it nice and big, lumpy, and in the general shape. Resist the urge to “fix” areas of imperfection… The whole point is to look fabulously undone.

An accessories junky? DO throw in a scarf. Or two! Hint: Belts are a great bonus to give this style an extra unique edge.


Feeling spunky? Trade the euro-style volume for a plain ole mess. WARNING: Messy and dirty do not necessarily mean the same thing. Greasy locks are an any-hair-do killer, especially if you are pulling it off your face!

A classic girl? Slick back for a “Ballerina Hits the Runway” bun. It’s sleek and romantic, but big enough to be considered serious couture. Disclaimer: This takes more hair than you think, so get your volumizing products in hand and brush up on your back combing.

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