Will Wearing a Veil Mess Up My Hair?

Yes.  Yes it will.

But hopefully just a little!  I want you to know right now that I will be 100% on board with your veil and will make it as hazard proof as possible on your big day.  I got you girl!  But you simply cannot shove a pitchfork into a flower bouquet and hope nothing moves.

While the risks to your hair are minimal (barring someone stepping on said veil) may I suggest an accessory that will stick around the whole night long?  I know you haven’t thought about what that would be yet-since duh, you’ve been planning on a veil.  But believe me when I say,

there’s almost nothing you can’t stick in your hair.

Beyond flowers, pins, combs and barrettes, you can place dried herbs/greenery, feathers, bits of special fabric, jewelry, old ribbon…I mean, all kinds of stuff.  If it’s gotta be a veil, personally I’m dearly partial to a bird cage veil, since you get the best of an accessory and a veil, while never having to finagle it back out or have the issue of weight.

Here are a few favorite birdcage veils from past brides-just perfection!

A picture perfect example of a bridal bird cage veil.

A perfect alternative to a traditional veil


Don’t be afraid to march to the beat of your own drum!  If you’ve got a little wiggle room for stepping outside of the traditional veil territory, I’d love to help you create something that speaks to your vision and personal style!

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